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I must not fear

Fear is the mind-killer

Culture of Fear
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Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it?
That's what it is to be a slave.

-Blade Runner

Amygdala. 1. An almond-shaped neuro structure involved in producing and responding to nonverbal signs of anger, avoidance, defensiveness, and fear. 2. A small mass of gray matter that inspires aversive cues, such as the freeze reaction, sweaty palms, and the tense-mouth display. 3. A primeval arousal center, originating in early fishes, which is central to the expression of negative emotions in man.

We are the Culture of Fear, Inc.

Fear is our business, our profit, and our pleasure. How may we serve you, so you in turn might serve?

Feel free to post any fear-related topics, observations, musings, theories, links, essays, articles, images, etc. - so long as they are not of a personal nature, but are rather of a more social/political/global/historical nature. Save the personal fears, unless you feel you can relate them to matters of a larger scale, for your own journal. However, certainly some effects of the Culture of Fear are intensely personal - such as self-hate bred out of insecurity (fear of not being good enough due in part to a media-saturated consumer society) - but this is not intended to be a stage for individual drama.

We are especially interested in conspiracy theory, mob mentality situations, mass hysteria, age of insecurity personal and social phenomena, and anything relating to the manufacture of fear so seemingly prevalent in North American culture in the 20th and 21st centuries. The term "Culture of Fear" has been borrowed from Michael Moore, specifically his documentary Bowling For Columbine. Although the maintainers of this community do not fully agree with or endorse all of Michael Moore's specific ideas and claims, they do feel that the general premise/idea of Bowling For Columbine's Culture of Fear is an insightful and useful one in the quest to better understand various aspects and the d/evolution of culture and humankind. In short, the intent of this community is to discuss the ways in which fear has functioned throughout history and across cultures as a political, personal, and social means of influence, control, domination, brainwashing, manipulation - as well as advancement and triumph - etc.

All ideas and perspectives are welcome and encouraged.

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Please use the LJ cut tag when posting longer articles and essays as well as larger images, out of consideration for journal space and different modem speeds.

Vulgarity and profanity are perfectly permissible; do, however, try to participate in a generally intelligent and at least somewhat respectful manner. You don't have to get along and it's fine to be rude, but outright useless insult-slinging is little better than trolling, which is certainly not permitted. Ideas of all sorts are, as previously stated, welcome; debate is good. Spell check is also good, as is actual proofreading - and intelligence.

Any entries posted not related at least somehow to these and the above general guidelines will be deleted. Spam and links of its ilk are garbage, for example. Your material will be deleted and you, banned.

With that said, please join, participate, become ONE WITH FEAR!